Letter to the Editor

After attending the Mount Arthur Centre Community Meeting like many others I came away feeling that
issues we thought were going to be discussed were not and if an attempt was made to raise a relevant issue it was quickly glassed over.

No time was seriously given to addressing the key
issues of concern the community at large thought were going to be discussed at length with productive

As a direct consequence of this a smaller community meeting was arranged and well attended with an
independent attending to offer advice on how best to tackle issues and have them brought right out into the open so they could be addressed, solutions sought and implemented to the view of bettering the situation in our local community.

Topics discussed were the Lilydale District School,
Policing in Lilydale and how best to help the new
Constable and briefly the fact that a BMX track already exists and is available for use by the communities
children in a safe locale off the main road by the
football oval.

All issues were discussed from a Community
perspective any suggestion to the contrary is simply not true and despite my families own personal issues with the school and that fact we have removed our child to another educational establishment means we no longer view things from a school perspective but from a community view only.

Ruth Haw

Tasmanian Regional Arts News

At our last meeting we discussed the exciting idea of presenting a Variety Concert in our town.  Judith Robbers and Bob Richman from the Valley Voices
attended the meeting and tentative decisions were made re date, venue, program, etc.

We now have a positive date, which is Saturday
October 25, 2003
with the venue being the Memorial Hall.  More details will be provided as we come closer to the date.

But, before the Variety Concert, there are other
important events to occur, which are:-
The Lantern Walk - on Friday, June 20th.   We start at 5.30 from the assembly point in front of the Old Court Room.  As in previous years there will be singing around the fire drums at the end of the walk, and free Milo with marshmallows.  Please do not forget to bring your mug as well as your lantern.

Harp Concert - with Christina Sonneman.  This will be an afternoon performance at the Mt Arthur

The Lilydale Progressive--June 2003


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